VidPros Review: Is This “Fractional Video Editing Service” Worth It?

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Producing stellar videos on a consistent basis is an important aspect of being a content creator. Videos are afterall one of the best ways to engage and capture the attention of your audience.

The truth, however, is that video editing is a tedious and time-consuming task. You want to make sure your videos are high quality and professional, but sometimes you may not have the time or resources to do everything yourself.

This is where Vidpros can come in handy!

I stumbled upon Vidpros after a simple Google search returned to me that they were among the top video editing services available online. After chatting with a VidPros rep via the chat feature on their website and him adequately answering all the questions about their features and packages, I knew VidPros was a video editing company I wanted to consider for my own video editing projects.

For the past 30 days, I have been using VidPros to edit my own videos for Youtube as well as another project I've been working on. In this Vidpros review, I'll be sharing with you my experience working with VidPros as well as the pros and cons of this video editing service overall.

What is Vidpros?

Vidpros is a video editing service that specializes in high-quality, affordable video production and post-production services. They offer a wide range of services, including video editing, color correction, motion graphics, and more. They offer a variety of packages and pricing options depending on your needs (more on that in a bit).

Vidpros has been around since May 2020 and is headed by founder Michael Holmes. Interestingly enough, before founding Vidpros, Homes worked as the Growth Manager for competing service Video Huskey from June 2019 to May 2020 before venturing off on his own, according to his Linkedin Profile.

How does Vidpros work?

At the time of writing this Vidpros review they currently offer on a straightforward package called “The Vidpro”. You can get started with Vidpros by simply signing up on their website.

Once you purchase a video editing service package, Vidpros will contact you directly to discuss your goals and get you onboarded properly. They are not an automated system that takes orders and sends out finished videos; they work with each of their customers on a one-on-one basis.

Once you are onboarded and given a walkthrough of how everything works, where to upload your videos, and how to give Feedback using, you are assigned a dedicated editor who you will get to work with consistently on all of your projects going forward.

From there, upload your videos to their system, and overnight, they will turn around a professionally edited video. Rinse and repeat an unlimited number of times for the month.

My experience with VidPros onboarding:

I really appreciated that the Vidpros team made the time to schedule a proper onboarding session with me to make sure that I knew how to navigate the backend dashboard, upload videos, submit projects, and answer any questions that I had.

VidPros Fractional Video Editing vs Unlimited Video Editing.

If you've been shopping around for a video editing company, perhaps you've noticed that many companies market their packages as “unlimited video editing”. VidPros however does not market themselves this way — instead of offering customers a “dedicated fractional editor”.

On the unlimited model, Vidpros advises that “the truth is you’re limited in the fact many squeeze a high number of clients per each editor resulting in poor turnaround times and bad quality. ” 

Instead of assigning projects this way, Vidpros assigns no more than 4 clients per editor allowing edit times of at least 2 hours per day. This they claim maintains high-quality standards while meeting the output requirements of most customers.

My experience with VidPros fractional editing:

Depending of course on the scope of work your videos require, I believe you can certainly expect similar outputs to video editing companies who may offer unlimited video editing — maybe even more.

For simple video edits, in a single month, they are able to produce and return over ten edited videos back to me. This is plenty for what I as a single content creator need.

VidPros Turn-Around time.

The VidPros team promises a very impressive 24-hour turnaround on video edits from your fractional editor. It's important to note however that the VidPros team is based in the Phillippines.

Although the time difference does not affect the amount of time the editing turnaround takes, if you live in the Eastern Time zone such as in New York or Miami, the team in the Phillippines is always about 12 hours ahead of you. This means as you're starting your day, your VidPros video editor is likely ending theirs. I think it's also worth mentioning that VidPRos is not unique in this regard.

One advantage of having a Philippine-based video editor is that as you wake up in the morning, there will likely be a completed video ready for your review. One disadvantage however is that once you review your edited video draft, you will have to wait until the end of your day before anyone even gets around to reading the feedback you give.

My experience with VidPros turnaround time:

If I am consistent with uploading video into the system to be edited, the Vidpros team is certainly prompt and on top of things — working through my night and returning completed videos to me by the time I awake within 24 hours.

VidPros Feedback and Revision.

Giving feedback to your editor on a draft and making revisions made very easy with VidPros via is a video review and collaboration platform for filmmakers, editors and creative professionals. allows users to upload, share, and comment on videos. It also offers frame-by-frame playback, annotation, and clip organization tools.

My experience with VidPros Feedback and Revision system:

I enjoy working with because it's an easy and intuitive way to give feedback on video edits. I can share the raw video footage to my project, make notes about how I want the video edited, and even mark specific frames that need attention.

With that said, it's important that you are thorough with the feedback you give in so that you don't suffer the time difference delay in any back and forth exchange.

What’s the quality of the video production quality?

Video production quality is something that people often overlook, but it's a very important aspect of a video. For one, if you don't have good video editing, the quality of your video will be poor. This will make it difficult for your viewers to understand what you're trying to say, and it can even distract them from the message itself.

VidPros offer video editing for videos ranging from vlog for Youtube to talking heading video for an online course. Additionally, the types of edits they offer include color grading, transcription, and lower thirds.

My experience with VidPros production:

If you just need simple video editing such as cuts a basic graphics like lower thirds, the VidPros team can certainly get this done for you as typically these kinds of videos don't require much creative skill. Additionally, these kinds of edits can be accomplished easily with clear instructions to the editor.

As for more creative graphics and animations, again depending on your expectations, the VidPros teams can be a hit or miss depending on who is assigned as your dedicated editor.

Takeaway: My Honest VidPros Review

Of all the video editing companies on the market now, VidPros is definitely one to check out if you want a video editing service to outsource your basic video editing too.

This is a great service for Youtubers and content creators who produce talking head videos, online courses, review videos, and the like.

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