21+ Influential Black Bloggers: Women Slaying It In Their Niche

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The internet has given everyone a voice and the opportunity to share their opinions, thoughts, and life experiences with others. Today, blogging is one of the most popular ways to do so — and black bloggers (especially black women bloggers) are leading the charge.

Through blogging, black women from all walks of life are able to express themselves in a public forum and gain followers who appreciate their insights. Additionally, many black women bloggers are also able to monetize their platforms and make a living this way.

These black lifestyles bloggers, black food bloggers, and black finance bloggers are not only talented, but they also have something unique to say and offer their readers. In this list of black bloggers to follow, we're highlighting 21+ black female bloggers who are making strides in their respective niches.

Black Lifestyle & Black Fashion Bloggers

For those of you who are not familiar with the term “lifestyle blog,” it is a blog that showcases various aspects of one's lifestyle. For instance, an individual might have a lifestyle blog that includes posts about their favorite recipes, what they wore yesterday, or where to find the best online deals on clothes and shoes.

Some black lifestyle bloggers focus on fashion while others blog about beauty or food — there is no limit to what a black blogger can cover. Typically, a lifestyle blogger has a niche in which they focus on and cater content to readers with similar interests.

Jenaae Jackson – Hello Bombshell

Hello, Jenaae Jackson here. I'm the blogger behind this here blog, Bombshell Entrepreneur. I'm also a lifestyle blogger over on Hello Bombshell.

In addition to being a blogger, I'm an enthusiastic entrepreneur (obviously), a photographer, and a former Miss Jamaica. Originally from Jamaica, I'm currently based in Miami, Florida. 

Blogging, for me, goes beyond sharing my passion for sharing insights with others. Through my various blogging platform, I strive to inspire and empower other women to lead extraordinary lives.

Courtney Quinn – Color Me Courtney

If you are particularly interested in a black female blogger doing remarkably well in the fashion niche, you will want to take a long look at Courtney Quinn.

A native of Arizona, Courtney currently resides in New York, running the show as a fashion blogger who lives and breathes color (literally). She started her career in the corporate world after graduating from the university. But ultimately her unique desire to inspire other women to go crazy with colors has resulted in her very successful blogging career.

Influencing In Color – Nikki. Meghan. Shay. Brandy

Influencing In Color is a collective of 4 black women bloggers who seek to enlighten their community and provide a positive influence for people of all colors through advocacy, collaboration, and commitment to diversity & inclusivity.

The four friends can be seen posing in their matching outfits on Instagram, which has over 22k followers. They've been posing in their coordinated fits with gleaming smiles and melanated beauty and have amassed a huge following. Each has utilized her part of the Web to share inspiring material, and that content's reach has extended beyond themselves.

Louisa Moje – La Passion Voûtée

Currently based in New Jersey, Nigerian native Louisa Moje is a pharmacist, black woman blogger, and fashion-preneur whose content might inspire your fashion choices. 

Louisa uses her blog, La Passion Voutée, to provide ideas around an affordable lifestyle and beauty, trendy fashion, amongst others. Her intent is to create amazing content that can be within your budget, while making you look exquisite.

On her blog, Louisa shares her opinion on blogging, her knowledge of Alaska, as well as beautiful budget-friendly pieces she owns and loves. 

Adanna Dill – Rattles & Heels

Adanna Dill was born and raised in Grenada as the only child of her parents. She currently lives in New York City with her family, where she blogs topics such as travel, family, motherhood and lifestyle.

During her childhood, Adanna was awkward around children, but motherhood and her relationship with her spouse changed everything. Her blog, Rattles & Heels, was born out of her experience of motherhood, family, love for travel, fashion and lifestyle. She aims to help women cope with motherhood as well as maintain a healthy lifestyle while also fostering close-knit relationships with their family. 

Makeba Giles – Faith Health and Home

Makeba Giles is a black female blogger whose content revolves around family, health as well as maintaining a positive and balanced lifestyle. 

Makeba is a native and resident of St. Louis, Missouri. She is an entrepreneur, a podcast host, writer and blogger, and also a firm believer of Christ. She is very passionate about traveling, community service and living a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

On her blog, Faith Health and Home, Makeba aims to deliver content on empowerment and motivation based on her inspiration, culture and real-life happenings. Reading her blog is a step towards living a life of positive healthy relationships and self-reflection of personal actions.

Jennifer Borget – Cherish 365

Jennifer Borget is an award-winning digital content creator. She is a native of Atlanta, Georgia and currently lives with her family in Austin, Texas, where she fulfills her dreams and passions.

Jennifer is talented and passionate about photography, video editing, writing and freelancing. She takes on jobs for clients on topics that revolve around social media, parenting, and photography.

Her blog Cherish 365, is created to provide content that encourages the celebration of diversity, foster love, individuality, and to cherish each passing day. Jennifer shares her love of life, experiences of a millennial mom, photography ideas, family vacations, journey as a multiracial family and lessons she takes from situations. 

Kelly Augustine – Kelly Augustine

Interested in blog content in the plus-size fashion and beauty niche? If so, Kelly Augustine is a personality that might interest you. 

Kelly is a black blogger with roots in New York, where she lives and works. She is a content creator, lifestyle expert, media personality, celebrity, and fashion stylist.

Her blog, Kelly Augustine, is centered around her colorful personality, plus size fashion, cosmetics, beauty and advocacy for acceptance of diverse fashion lifestyles in society. She uses her influence within influential circles to push for changes in the way society sets awkward beauty standards. She has worked for several campaigns that actively seek to change the narrative of society's views on plus size and modeling. 

Asha Walker – The Fit Farmer

Asha Walker is a native of Miami. She is an urban farmer and lover of wellness who is concerned about living a healthy lifestyle. 

Asha is the founder of Health In The Hood, a nonprofit organization with a mandate to provide food equally to all and encourage practicing wellness. On her blog, The Fit Farmer, Asha shares her experiences of creating a healthy lifestyle for herself and helping others.

LaTisha Guster – Blushing Black

LaTisha Guster's decision to start blogging was simple; to create a beautiful, unique, digital space to express her ideas as a black female blogger. 

LaTisha lives in Atlanta with her family, where she is a brand manager, photographer, and content creator. Through her blog, Blushing Black, LaTisha shares valuable content on motherhood, beauty, and fashion, bringing women together.

Monroe Steele – Fashion Steele NYC

Rooted in Durham, North Carolina, Monroe Steele is currently based in New York City and Miami, where she is an active fashion blogger.

Monroe initially started her fashion blog, Fashion Steele NYC, to cover her thrift finds. She later grew to cover several fashion events like New York, Milan, and Paris fashion weeks, lifestyle content, travel, and fashion editorials. 

Lesa Milan Hall – Lesa Milan

Lesa Milan Hall's origin is traced to Jamaica but grew up in Miami, Florida. She currently lives with her husband and three sons in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where she works to make a difference in society.

Lesa is widely known as a successful entrepreneur, fashion designer and television personality. Her contributions include creating My Little Makers, an educational children’s brand and Mina Roe a maternity fashion outfit. Some of the designer outfits have been picked by celebrities like Beyoncé, Khloe Kardashian, Serena Williams, Gigi Hadid and others.

Maria Cadet – Bella Rosa

Maria Cadet is a South Florida content photographer, YouTuber, influencer and lifestyle blogger. 

Bella Rosa, a lifestyle blog owned by Maria is built around her personal style, fashion, content creation resources and beauty tips.  Also, using her real life experiences, she aims to inspire women to look superb while living a life with no limits. 

Sasha Williams – Simply Sasha Fierce

Sasha Williams, who hails from sunny South Florida, is a black influencer and professional blogger. 

Sasha's blog, Simply Sasha Fierce, is an expression of how fiercely passionate she is about fashion, travel and lifestyle. she is also a firm believer in promoting black businesses to the world.

Black Money & Black Finance Bloggers

Although black people make up 13% of the population, they only own 5% of America’s wealth. Black finance bloggers are helping to change that.

These black women bloggers are not only providing financial advice for black people but also challenging stereotypes about black people in the business world.

Some common topics for black money and finance bloggers include debt management, investing, retirement planning, and budgeting.

Sandy Smith – Yes, I Am Cheap

Another black woman blogger you need to know is Sandy Smith. 

Sandy, her mom, and her sibling with a couple of small suitcases immigrated into the U.S when she was still a kid. Growing up, Sandy wanted to be a President. But since that wasn’t possible as an immigrant, Sandy later committed to being her own boss.

After a failed business and  $120,665.31 in debt, Sandy Smith set up Yes I Am Cheap to keep herself accountable for her financial life. And before you know it, Yes I Am Cheap became popular through Sandy’s commitment to sharing great tips to being frugal. And as you would guess, Sandy has drastically reduced her debt based on the ideas she shares on her blog.

Crystal Hammond – Sophisticated spender

Raised on the Southside of Chicago, Crystal Hammond is a black female blogger currently based in Washington, D.C where she works as an engineer with the United States government. She is the founder and blogger behind Sophisticated Spender and Sew So Fab.

Crystal is particularly passionate about keeping a healthy financial lifestyle, creating side hustles and is also a Zumba and Insanity instructor in her free time. It is no surprise you will find out content ideas on her blog, Sophisticated Spender, border around personal finance, savings, amongst other financial related topics.

Through her creation, Sew So Fab, she teaches how to personally sew fabulous outfits which help to save on finances.

Tiffany Aliche – The Budgetnista

Tiffany Aliche is another black female blogger you can get some inspiration from in the financial niche. 

Tiffany Aliche is an award-winning financial educator and New York Times Bestselling author. Her portfolio of books includes Get Good with Money, The One Week Budget, and a children’s book, Happy Birthday Mali More.

Tiffany started her career as a preschool teacher in Newark, New Jersey. Her teaching experience empowered her to build upon her passion for financial education and start her blog. The Budgetnista is regularly updated with content on personal finance, savings, and others. Tiffany also helps to co-host Brown Ambition, a highly-rated award-winning podcast.

Tiffany stands out as a black woman blogger who positively impacts the lives of women and the world. Through her teachings, she has helped over a million women completely transform their finances.

Candice Latham – Candice Latham

Born and raised in Boston's inner city, Candice Latham belongs to a class of women who are savvy when it comes to the financial niche.

Candice started off in debt to the tune of $47,000, but was able to turn her finances from negative to positive. Through her blog [name of the blog], Candice shares valuable financial information that helps women improve their own finances. 

Candice is currently based in Charlotte, North Carolina, where she runs her company, The Latham Agency. In addition to being a successful black woman blogger, she is a graphic designer, content creator, and marketing specialist, helping small businesses to scale up their productivity.

Nicaila Matthews Okeme – Side Hustle Pro

Nicaila Matthews Okeme, born in Jamaica and bred in Bronx, is a versatile side hustler and marketer who has established herself as a business role model.

Nicaila blogs with a focus on helping black women grow their businesses. She went from being just a side hustler and marketer to an entrepreneur and podcaster full time. Her creation, Side Hustle Pro, is a blog and podcast that reveals important marketing strategies and secrets.

Nicaila's podcasts often highlight the giant strides of Black women who are bold enough to transform businesses from side hustles into business hubs. Instagram: https://instagram.com/sidehustlepro/ 

Amber Berry – Feel Good Finances

Amber Berry is another black female blogger who has found success blogging. 

Currently based in California, Amber is passionate about working on personal finance and development. Given her experience as a certified financial instructor and certified money coach, she helps clients better understand the unconscious motivations behind their financial choices.

Amber's blog, Feel Good Finances, is engineered towards making changes in the way you see finances. Her desire is to help women move away from a scarcity mindset filled with sorrow and anxiety caused by money issues to an abundance mentality.

Black Food Bloggers

The food blogging world continues to grow exponentially over the past years as people become more interested in eating fresh whole foods. Black food bloggers are a huge part of the food blogging world, but they are sometimes overlooked in commercial spaces.

But now it's time for this to change as black food bloggers have something special to offer because they can bring another perspective into the conversation on what constitutes “good” food.

The history of soulful Southern cooking is an integral part of the culture in America, so there's plenty for black food bloggers to contribute when it comes to topics that'll make you drool!

Jessica Hylton Leckie – Jessica In The Kitchen

Jessica, who is of Jamaican heritage, grew up in the small town of Avilla, Missouri. She started her early career in the law field before opting to change course and pursue her passion for blogging and cooking. Her blog, Jessica In The Kitchen, is built around her love for whole foods vegan lifestyle.

Jessica says her switch from a regular to a vegetarian diet ten years ago completely changed her lifestyle and health for the better. It is this change that inspires her to share with the world the very vegan recipes that brought about the change in her own life. 

With over 600 recipes on her blog, you can just choose from any food combination. She also has free helpful guides, tips and tricks that can help anyone put together a nutritious and delicious meal.

Erika Council – Southern Souffle

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Erika Council has built quite a name for herself in the food blogging space. As recipe developer, food content writer and photographer, Erika draws from her native southern background on her blog Southern Souffle . 

Erika is passionate about preserving African American cuisines, often speaking about its history and the impact of food on the community. Her passion for food is both influenced and inspired by her grandmother’s who were both great Southern cooks. 

When she’s not busy blogging, she is actively involved in helping brands develop recipes, writing cookbooks, hosting cooking events and demos. Erika also runs a biscuit company, Bomb Biscuit Co., which delivers mouthwatering southern flavors of biscuits, buns and pies.

Current follower count:10k+

Nicole Washington – Brown Sugar Mama

A resident of Cincinnati, Ohio, Nicole Washington works as an Assistant Director of Marketing and Publications at the University of Cincinnati. She is another inspiration in the food niche. 

Nicole creates content on her blog, Brown Sugar Mama, around quick, easy and affordable meals that can be made with accessible ingredients for working families and professionals.

Nicole herself was faced with the challenge of making quick and nutritious meals for her family as a working mom. She puts in her wealth of experience on how she went past her challenge into simple to make recipes which she shares on her blog.

Black Travel Bloggers

As women (as black women especially), we are often discouraged from venturing out into the world alone. But some black travel bloggers are helping black travelers envision themselves in different countries.

Black travel bloggers often document black culture abroad and offer insights into what it means to be black in other parts of the world. Many of these bloggers also discuss how racism manifests itself outside of America's borders. T

Black travel blogs provide a sense of belonging for black travelers that might not otherwise exist without them.

Francesca Murray – One Girl One World

Francesca Murray is a black travel influencer based in California. Proudly Afro-Latina with roots in Honduran Garifuna, she spent her growing up years in Los Angeles.

Francesca is very passionate about traveling. She shares on her blog, One Girl One World, wonderful content on beauty, travel, lifestyle tips, and her natural hair while she is on the move. She is a lover of the expression of self-love and shares her content to millennial women who are resident in the United States.

Jessica Nabongo – The Catch Me If You Can

Jessica Nabongo is a black female travel blogger who is recorded as the first black woman to visit every country in the world. 

of Ugandan origin, Jessica was born and bred in Detroit, Michigan. She is an entrepreneur, wanderluster, travel influencer, lover of photography, writer and public speaker. 

Jessica’s blog, The Catch Me If You Can, is a result of the discovery that travel, photography and writing became a way she could express herself. She created Jet Black, a luxury company that hosts group travels, curating itineraries to countries in South and Central America, Africa and the Caribbean. 

Lee Litumbe – Spirited Pursuit

Lee Litumbe is a black woman blogger with Cameroonian origins. As a storyteller and self-taught photographer, she shares cultural experiences and adventures of traveling, especially around Africa.

Lee quit her corporate finance job to pursue her passion of traveling around Africa and the world. Her blog, Spirited Pursuit, shares her appreciation for the beauty, adventure and fun of traveling. She has been featured by several top magazines and editorials like Forbes, Elle Canada, Huffington Post, The Guardian, Culture Trip, and Condé Nast Traveler.

Cynthia Andrew – SimplyCyn

Cameroonian Cynthia Andrew, born in Silver Spring, Maryland, currently resides in New York where she is an attorney and blogger. 

For some time now Cynthia has taken leave from her law profession to maintain focus as a travel, food and fashion blogger. She uses her blog, Simply Cyn, to share her experiences, travel tips, and fashion with her followers using relatable scenarios. 

Misc. Black Women Bloggers

Black women bloggers share insights about a wide range of topics. From lifestyle, fashion, and current events — here are some more black women bloggers who don't necessarily fit so neatly into any particular category.

Shirley Jones – Wood Life Studio

Tracing her origins to the southern USA, Shirley Jones excels in a niche where there are a few women. She is an accountant, a seamstress, and of all things, a carpenter. 

Shirley’s early exposure to tools in her childhood while working with her father to fix up their old house fuels her passion for woodworking. It is her desire and hopes to use her blog, Wood Life Studio, to encourage Blacks, specifically women to pick up interest in woodworking.

Take Away

Black women bloggers are among the most popular and influential bloggers on social media according to Forbes! If you want to get started with your own blog, but don’t know where to start, these blogs may be able to provide you with some inspiration or guidance.

Check out these awesome black female bloggers who will help inspire and motivate you every step of the way!

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