Crypto 300 Club Review: Is It A Scam? READ FULL ARTICLE!

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If you've stumbled upon this article after searching “is Crypto 300 Club a scam” — hello there, welcome! I'm guessing you're in about the same position I was in roughly 3 weeks ago (from the time of writing this article).


Someone you know and perhaps trust has told you about this opportunity that sounds just too good to be true. So what's the deal?

What is this sorcery called Crypto 300 Club? Is Crypto 300 Club a scam?

If you're looking for definitive answers to these questions, you won't find them here. Remember I was just in your shoes a few weeks ago — searching for myself “is Crypto 300 Club a scam”.

What I can offer you is an honest review of my personal experience thus far with the Crypto 300 Club. And with that said, make of my story what you will.

Signing up for Crypto 300 Club.

crypto 300 club website

My boyfriend and I sat on our screened-in backyard porch one afternoon with my dear aunt — just relaxing and chit-chatting about all matters of life.

When the topic of money and investing came up, my aunt exclaimed “did you signup for the bitcoin trading yet”?

About two months before that afternoon on the porch, one of my cousins had shared some information about Crypto 300 Club in our family group chat. I scrolled past it, uninterested at the time. I passed it off as another multi-level marketing opportunity my super hustler cousin is always involved in (something I've never been very fond of).

“Nah, I think I'm gonna pass on this one auntie. I don't quite understand how it works”.

“Oh my god Jen, you have to sign up for Crypto 300 Club! Everyone in the family is doing it and it works!” Her eyes lit up with excitement as she told us about it.

Basically, you put a certain number of dollars into “the club” via their website, and then like magic, in just a couple of weeks you get back what you put in plus a 50% profit. This 150% return on investment would be paid out in increments of 10% (depending on when in the cycle you invest).

Wait, what!? That doesn't make any sense I thought. How is this company able to accomplish this? How do they make the money to give to you? Do you have to sell something? Refer or sign other people up for the platform?

“No Jen, you dont have to do any of that. It's bitcoin trading, and it works!”

She might as well have been speaking Russian to me because I had no idea what the hell she was talking about. We spent the next few hours chatting about Crypto 300 Club and how she was using it to make big money.

Truth be told, by the end of our discussion, I still didn't understand the damn thing. But the way my aunt, cousins, and several other family members were going on about this Crypto 300 Club, I decided I'd give it a try.

My Crypto 300 Club experience.

Fast forward to today, and Crypto 300 Club has been working for me, just as my aunt had explained it.

My initial investment was $1990 (I intended to deposit $2,000, but fees to move the money from my bank account to my cash app, to Crypto 300 account ate a percentage of that money).

Every single day I log into the account, I'm able to “get paid” 10% of my initial investment until I've earned it back plus the 50% profit. I've since earned back my entire investment, and the 50% profit is still rolling each day.

What's even more fascinating is that with a brilliant reinvestment strategy, my aunt came up with, I've been reinvesting heavily and allowing the money coming in each day to compound interest and profit even more.

My crypto investing strategy includes the following.

1. Sign Up for Crypto 300 Club.

This is the platform that claims to pay you 150% return on your investment. In other words, put $100 in, get $150 out. Very important — puhleaasseee make sure that you understand how the platform works including reset, premium packs, and withdrawals before signing up. Overall, understand what you're getting yourself into.

2. Create A Coinbase Account and Cashapp Account.

These are the platform I use to convert my cash into bitcoin, transfer bitcoin between Crypto 300 Club and myself, and store my bitcoin before converting it back to cash and my bank account. Cashapp is great to get started but once you start transferring large sums of bitcoin, they can be quite limiting — hence the Coinbase account to boot.

Again, before you get into this, you need to understand that the game of bitcoin and cryptocurrency is a relatively new and largely unregulated industry.

And trading or mining or whatever the heck these crypto clubs do with your bitcoins is in a category of extremely high-risk/high yield investments for a reason. The truth is you could put all your money into Crypto 300 Club, Big Investor, or any of these other crypto clubs today… wake up tomorrow morning and the website has completely disappeared without a trace. This is not uncommon — and it's happened to me before (more on that in another post).

This opportunity is essentially gambling. So only put in what you can afford to lose. Period. And if and when you do lose, don't cry over spilled milk because it's just a part of the game. Take that and run with it, darling.

So is Crypto 300 Club a scam?

So far, for me, at the time of publishing this article — no. Crypto 300 Club is not a scam. How this experience will turn out in the end, who the people are that run this club, what they do in order to gain such profits for its investors, anything past my own experience — I couldn't tell you.

I'll be back soon with an update on my Crypto 300 Club experience once they have enacted the pending “reset”. For now, fingers crossed, and stay fabulous!

*See comments for updated information!

IMPORTANT: My opinion has changed significantly!

UPDATE November 19, 2020:

At this point, I would NOT recommend people start with Crypto300. It has been my experience that they pay out until you have some of your money, then they stop. Your withdrawals sit in pending until they are canceled just after the reset. And then it seems they want you to continue putting money in, and that's the only way you can get your money out. Makes no sense to me.

Should anything change I will update this review. But again, at this stage, I do NOT recommend or endorse Crypto 300 Club.

If you want to legitimately invest in crypto. I recommend looking into the following channels on YouTube.

Our Rich Journey

Earn Your Leisure

Wall Street Trapper

Dr. Boyce Watkins

I suggest buying on legitimate platforms like Coinbase for crypto and Fidelity for stocks and holding your assets' long-term. As for quick money, I can't lend any insight and I would be wary of things that sound just too good to be true.

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18 Responses

  1. So what is your view now of them? Were you able to withdraw your money? Personally and from my experience with them I believe they are a scam. They took my money and put it in an EA Wallet which is part of the earnings adjustment/reset. So all of that 150% earnings plus your initial funding can never be withdrawn. The only way to use your money now is to buy basic packs with them. The bottom line is that they need new investors to pay old investors, but in this case even if new investors do pay you will still never recover the money from your wallet.

    1. Hey Sonja,

      So before the most recent reset, I was able to withdraw my money very quickly (within 48 hours or so) with no problem. What I was however heavily reinvesting into the company. In other words, as I got the money out, I put everything right back in. The problem with that is, as the payout percentages go up (from 10% incrementally up to 50%) that rate at which they payout drastically slows. For example, once the payout was around 37% I put in a request to withdraw my money, and weeks later that withdraw was still pending. The withdrawals kept pending until the money eventually got caught in the reset (meaning I get paid out at a much lower rate [.5%]).

      I have concluded from my own experience that Crypto 300 Club is not a scam. The company however is very clever about how they operate and payout. That’s how they have been able to sustain for so long (since 2017). They do payout! And there is an opportunity to make money with this opportunity as f now. You just have to be smart and strategic with how you reinvest if you choose to.

      Perhaps the best strategy until you really understand the program is to put money in, then pull it all out. Then you can play with the 50% profit that you earned. This was you really have nothing to lose in terms of funds.

      This was a lot, and I hope it all makes sense. In short Crypto 300 Club is not a scam. The company pays out daily. Just be strategic, don’t invest more than you can afford to lose, and dont get greedy. Happy earning!

    2. They did the exact same thing to me and you’re not even able to contact anyone every time you do they give you an automated response it is the worst scam system I’ve ever seen in my life and they hurt me at a time when I really needed my money during this pandemic…. Please whoever you are do not invest one dime of your money you’ll never see it again they will bait you into a small investment pay you on it and then you make a larger one and then you’re screwed

  2. Cypto 300 Club is a scam. They take your money and do not honor their policies. You have no way of tracking them down to get your money back. They scammed me out of $1,500.00.

  3. Crypto300 is a scam. They changed the rules and took my money and on their website they admit that they will do what is best for themselves.

  4. I agree. They give you a small percentage of your money and then they never pay out again. It stays pending until it is canceled. It is definitely a scam and i wont some of my money back

  5. SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM! You can NEVER withdraw the amount of your initial buy in EVER. They “pay” you into an account that you can’t freely withdraw from. Then they throw all that money from that “paid to you account” into another account where you need to continually buy more packs to activate that account! SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM!

  6. crypto300 is 100% a scam. They change the rules daily to prevent you from getting your money back – ex: you pay $10 for a crypto pack that youre suppose to make $5 off of. You buy it get money back and try to send it to your coinbase and it will sit in pending the entire time. once their packs reach 50% they reset the wallet cancel your pending transaction then take YOUR money you were suppose to make and reinvest it back into 5% packs where you make about 5 cent a day on which just results in the same cycle of never getting it back. They claim the more packs you buy unlocks “express level withdrawals” which only still allows you to withdrawal only a small amount of your earnings which again results in the same cycle. all youre doing is giving them money over and over and the money youre suppose to profit they take and reset it. so basically you never earn anything and they make all the money. DONT USE CRYPTO300!!!

  7. PS – they also tell you that posting negative things online about them will result in slower pay outs and positive things you say result in a quicker payout. that alone is a red flag.


  8. Crypto300 club is a scam. They promise return in your investment but you never get it. They tell you they are processing your withdrawal requests (which takes up to a month) then they cancel it, put it a a wallet you cant access (but apparently is your money) and they tell you to put more money to start the whole loop again. It’s a waste of time and money. Dont do it.

  9. Crypto 300 Club is a SCAM. These type of websites need to be shut down so that other people do not get SCAMMED. Shutdown the Crypto 300 Club website. Shutdown All SCAM websites. Let’s Make The Internet Great Again!

  10. Same thing happened to me, put in $1500 and was able to withdraw a whopping $60 total. All other requests were cancelled and reset. Sick game to play with people’s money.

  11. If it’s unfortunate that you have lost your hard earned money to this platform. However, for future references kindly join the r/scamsupdate community of Reddit.
    Also, you stand a chance to get your money back by contacting
    ScamsRescue@ protonmail com
    Tel + (WhatsApp too)
    I have referred users in the past and they were able to get back their money.

  12. It’s just unfortunate that there’s no way scammed investors will be able to recover funds from online trading like Crypto300. As brokenhearted as all Crypto300 members are to see our hard-earned money going down the drain.

    Crypto300 is very clever in luring you into putting in more & more funds to maximize your payout, yet come withdrawal time, waiting time gets longer & longer & that’s when you’d feel that voila, you’ve been scammed. 🙁

  13. I thank my God for these great SCAM Reviews of Crypto 300 Club!! I was ALMOST about to fund my Account when, all of a sudden, the Holy Spirit
    urged me to google and check it’s legibility or otherwise before embarking on this evil venture!!! I thank everyone who participated in EXPOSING
    these DEVILS hiding under the name of “Crypto 300 Club.”

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