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A quick message from Jenaae...

I struggled for years to make any money in my business. It was like all the successful people had some secret know-how that I wasn't privy to.

Taking the One Funnel Away Challenge changed everything for me. It allowed me to grasp a real understanding of how to grow a profitable business online. I recommend it to every business owner — no matter where you are in your journey. 

With that said, my reputation is absolutely everything. Afterall, it's not easy to get the attention of people who you don't know me. So if you're reading this, I've done something right.

I hope this is just the start of a relationship where you begin to know, like, and trust me on all things business. And so I'll only ever recommend things that I genuinely find value in.

The One Funnel Away Challenge is the real deal. It has helped me to transform my business and I'm confident it will help you do the same.  

What you'll discover inside the One Funnel Away Challenge...


The Strategy

Over the past 19 years, Russell has built a following of over a million entrepreneurs, sold hundreds of thousands of books, and popularized the concept of sales funnels. In this challenge Russell reveals his greatest secrets to generating leads and selling products and services online.


The Tactics

Each day, you will receive a new mission from Russell, streamed to the private Facebook group. These private videos will be about 30 minutes long, and will give you the strategy you have to master for each step you need for success.



There will be videos showing HOW to implement the strategy as well as a digital workbook to help keep everything clear! Not only do you get 30 days of daily video coaching and accountability… You also LIVE TRAINING SESSIONS DAILY Monday - Friday with their expert OFA consultants.

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AI Automation Playbook is the solution for you. It’s a guide that will show you how to utilize AI tools to automate your entire business – from content creation to customer service and social media management. You’ll be able to save time, money and energy with this step-by-step guide.

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